Flowers, warm hearts and our … theater

 On the eve of International Women’s Day on March 8, the premiere performance “Farewell, ravine!” Was held at the Higher College of InEU, a gift from students to women – teachers, college staff.
 The phrase “education by theater” is not often encountered, but it contains the main idea of ​​artistic education – education of the soul. The study of theatrical art, the development of the skills of theatrical and performing activities, the knowledge of the “magic of the theater” – this is what young performers of the theater studio Higher College of InEU are doing. Under the leadership of Ruslan Zeykenovich Nigmanov, the play was being prepared in the current conditions for a single month. That and the more exciting was the premiere for veterans of pedagogical work of the college, invited guests from our University, parents, teachers, members of student government, volunteers and young performers themselves. As Voltaire said, “Theater teaches how not to do it in a thick book.”
 “Goodbye, ravine!” – a performance that everything in the world is interconnected, that you have to answer for everything, it awakens the best human feelings. Several times the participants of the performance came out to bow – the audience liked their game. Of course, a theater studio would have received thunderous applause and standing ovation, but strict quarantine measures were observed in the hall.
 Deputy director for educational work Apaeva Zh.K and Kanieva D.A. congratulated the women present on the upcoming holiday, and the students with the premiere.
 In honor of the premiere and for the manifestation of an active life position, strengthening the prestige of the college, young actors were awarded letters of thanks. Among them are Burlen Rustem, Aytymaev Aydin, Belgibaeva Sabina, Zhusibek Zhulddyzai, Tursunova Alina, Nurgozhina Sabina, Kabdylmazhit Rusiya, Kairzhanova Zhanel, Halamush Dauletbergen. These are the youngest representatives of our student family – students of 1-2 courses.
 Head of the studio – Nigmanov R.Z. assured the audience that this is not the last performance and we will see a lot of new things.
 Thank you, our talented students, for such a wonderful holiday congratulations! We are waiting for new bright works!