One of the areas of work with school students is career guidance. The importance of its holding among schoolchildren is also determined by the increased requirements of modern education to the level of professional readiness of personnel. Graduation from school puts a teenager in front of the need to choose: to enter an educational institution to continue education, to start a working life, or to acquire professional skills in an educational institution without interrupting work.

 As part of the career guidance work on March 17, the teacher of the information technology department of the Higher College of InEU Ashikbaev N.M. organized a meeting with pupils of the 9th and 11th grades of school number 27 in Pavlodar. He gave a description of the specialties, focused on the main points of preparing documents, as well as entering college. The teacher showed videos and presentations about the college, information posters.

 Students of the school asked questions, in particular, they were interested in the availability of budget places, benefits for tuition fees and much more. During the conversation, detailed answers were given to all the questions of interest to the children. Booklets with information about specialties were distributed to graduates.