Within the framework of the ANTIKOR.LIVE anti-corruption project, managers of all ranks and spheres of activity report on the progress of its implementation. On the state of work on the formation of anti-corruption behavior among students, participation in the organization of anti-corruption propaganda, assessment of the work to prevent corruption, the director of the Higher College of InEU Sh.A. Tazhenov spoke on the air on March 19, 2021. His speech highlighted the activities of the educational institution to comply with the anti-corruption standard, work to strengthen the material and technical base, support socially vulnerable categories of students and employees, forms of educational work with students and parents. All educational, informational and training materials are posted on the college website in the section “Combating Corruption”. Every teacher, employee, parent or student will be able to find here normative – legal acts, orders, action plan, educational activities, reports. Video lectures “Hour of Integrity” are posted on the website and on the Instagram pages of the branches. This information is updated periodically.

    The numbers of benefits for students with excellent students, families of low-income students, the development of budgetary funds, incentives for college employees, teachers were announced.

 Shalkarbay Amirzhanovich also spoke about what work is being done within the framework of the “Clean Session” campaign.

 A feature of this report was the opportunity to get answers to questions on corruption from the first leader. College students asked questions about responsibility for receiving and giving bribes, measures to prevent corruption in the country, etc. The speech of Sh.A. Tazhenov was accompanied by the work of the monitoring group, which promptly processed incoming questions and ensured reliable communication. The report turned out to be very complete, affecting the interests of both adults and children.