On the eve of the Nauryz holiday, a class hour was held in the group of Lawyers-239 on the topic “We keep centuries-old traditions”. The purpose of the event is to promote the education of students’ respect for the cultural and historical past, folk traditions; development of cognitive interest in the customs of the Kazakh people.

 Peretyatko Anela told the story of Nauryz Meiramy in her presentation. Diana Beisimbaeva and Diana Nurgazina spoke about the national dishes beshbarmak, baursaks, kumis. Students dressed in national costumes, put baursaks, sweets, kurt, ayran in front of them.

 Students with great interest solved crosswords on the knowledge of national dishes and dishes of the Kazakh people. And in the end there was a viewing of the video presentation “Beshbarmak” prepared by Diana Beisimbaeva.

 “Following tradition means casting your votes to the most mysterious party – the party of our ancestors”, said Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Students of the Lawyers-239 group and their class teacher Kashkenova A.M. remembered today traditions and paid tribute to history, ancestors.

 May the bright holiday of Nauryz continue to unite us. Nauryz qutty bolsyn!