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Tazhenov Shalkarbay Amirzhanovich

Higher College Director of InEU

Master of geography.
Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Awarded with a breastplate “Y. Altynsarina”
Tel.: +7(7182)67-30-70, +7(7182)67-30-50, 65-07-95



Deputy Director of Teaching and Studies

Tel.: +7(7182)67-30-70, +7(7182)67-30-50 (internal 244)


Deputy Director training and production work

Tel.: +7(7182)67-30-70, +7(7182)67-30-50 (internal 239)


Deputy of director on innovative activity

Tel.: +7(7182)67-30-70, +7(7182)67-30-50 (internal 214)


Deputy Director of educational work

Tel.: +7(7182)67-30-70, +7(7182)67-30-50 (internal 230)


Deputy Director of educational work

Tel.: +7(7182)67-30-70, +7(7182)67-30-50 (internal 230)


Chief Accountant

Tel.: 8 (7182) 57–06–40 (internal 121)

Heads of departments

Manager by an economic department

Abdulina Asemgul Askerovna

Teacher of higher category
Education: Pavlodar University, 2000, specialty: jurisprudence Innovative University of Eurasia, 2005, Master of Education Disciplines taught: Fundamentals of forensic science, Fundamentals of the theory of state and law, Civil law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Labor law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Ped experience: 16 years
Awards: letter of appreciation from the rector of InEU, diploma of the director of VKINEU -2018
Tel .: +7 (7182) 67-30-70, +7 (7182) 67-30-50 (inner 242)

Manager by the department of information

Nurgazinova Asemgul Sagidenovna

Teacher of higher category
Education: PSU named after S. Toraigyrova, 2000, specialty: applied mathematics, software engineer. Teaching disciplines: information systems
Ped experience: 18 years
Awards: Letter of appreciation from the director of Business College, Certificate of appreciation from the director of VKINEU, First degree diploma of the regional Education Department.
Tel .: +77052179646

Manager by a power department

Khamitova Asem Tolegenovna

The teacher of the first category
Education: Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrova, 2007, Food Technology
Innovative University of Eurasia, 2009, specialty: finance
Innovative University of Eurasia, 2019, Master of Engineering and Technology with a degree in: Food Technology
Teaching disciplines: Cooking technology, organization of services at public catering enterprises, organization of production at public catering enterprises, technology for preparing national dishes.
Ped experience: 11 years
Awards: Certificate of KineEU, certificate of rector of InEU
Tel .: +7 (7182) 67-30-70, +7 (7182) 67-30-50 (inner 236)

Manager by a humanitarian department

Ablesh Kazakh Zhanabekuly

Education: Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrova, 2016 specialty: “Heat power engineering”
Teaching disciplines: “Boiler plants of thermal power plants”, “Theoretical fundamentals of heat engineering”
Ped experience: 3 years
Tel .: +7 (7182) 67-30-70, +7 (7182) 67-30-50 (inner 237)

Manager by a humanitarian department

Aydargalin Azat Kuantayevich

Teacher of higher category
Education: Pavlodar State University, 2004, specialty: physical education and sport. KazGUA, 2006, specialty: jurisprudence
Teaching disciplines: physical education, Trainer zalindagu zhymysty uiymdastyru, Sportstyқ oyyndar zhne ony қytu әdestemesі
Awards: letters of appreciation from the InEU rector, director of the 2013 InEU college, certificate from the director of the InEU college in 2014, certificate from the RUECC 2015.
Ped experience: 10 years

Manager of the department of correspondence

Sultanbekova Gulnar Mukhamedovna

Education: Pavlodar State University by S. Toraigyrov, 2005 г., specialty:
Innovation Eurasian University, 2008 г., Master of specialty of Biotechnology
Taught disciplines: organization of production in catering establishments, service organization for catering, food technology
Ped. experience : 9 years
Теl.: +7(7182)67-30-70, +7(7182)67-30-50 (inside 234)

Leading specialist

Bozhkova Svetlana Arkadevna

The main task of the college methodologist is the direct conduct of academic, methodological work in college and the provision of assistance in academic work.
The methodologist organizes class visits by teachers in order to study, exchange and disseminate experience in teaching methods. Provides methodological assistance. Heads the Educational and Methodical Council, directs and coordinates its work. Monitors the work of cyclic commissions.
Organizes certification of teachers, prepares creative reports, seminars, conferences in order to improve pedagogical skills. Develops and implements programs of cooperation with other educational institutions. Coordinates the interaction of college and university teachers. Organizes and coordinates the olympiad work. Prepares materials and teachers for the competitions “Teacher of the Year”, “College of the Year”, etc. He takes part in the work of methodological associations at various levels, prepares materials for conferences, meetings.
The teacher of the highest category.
Education: Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute, 1992, specialty: Russian language and literature
Innovative Eurasian University, 2007, specialty: economics.
Teaching disciplines: Russian language, Russian literature, fundamentals of economics
Ped experience: 17 years
Awards: letter of appreciation from the rector of InEU, certificate of KINEU.

Tel .: +7 (7182) 67-30-70, +7 (7182) 67-30-50 (inner 231)
Phone: + 7 (7182) 67-30-70, +7 (7182) 67-30-50

Mukasheva Nazgul Ergalievna

The main task is to monitor the legal normative acts through databases, specialized legal publications analyzing and monitoring the compliance of current legislation college. Development of draft legal documents – contracts, requests, claims, complaints, etc.. Implementation checking orders issued by the personnel department, giving the human resources department for clarification on labor legislation and overseeing its work.

Теl.: 8 (7182) 57–17–67 (inside 147)

Tukenova Akzhan Kenesbayevna

The main task of the Chief Inspector of student personnel department is overseeing the conduct and execution of installed documentation Student Personnel. Doing installed documentation Student Personnel.
Implementation of students receiving private affairs for a new set of storage in the department of Student Personnel . Issue certificates to confirm Nostrification and diplomas. Prepare documents to requests for expulsion of students in the private affairs of other universities in Kazakhstan. Issue certificates of past educational activities. Keep an archive of personal affairs and prepare documents after the deadline for submission to the storage University Library
Теl: 8 (7182) 57–17–67 (inside 109)



Образование: Павлодарский государственный университет, 2006 г., специальность: Социология; Карагандинкий экономический университет Казпотребсоюза, 2015 г., специальность: Юриспруденция. Преподаваемые дисциплины: основы политологии и социологии, правовая статистика.

Педагогический стаж: нет

Тусупбекова Асемгуль Шарапиденовна

Преподаватель без категории

Образование: Павлодарский государственный университет им.  С. Торайгырова, 2009 г., специальность: Финансы;

Преподаваемые дисциплины: основы экономики, рыночная экономика, основы предпренимательской деятельности,  основы экономической теории, контроль налоговых органов.

Педагогический стаж: 3 года

Ramazanova Botagoz Khayrullovna

Education: Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute, 2005, specialty: teacher of mathematics
Teaching disciplines: mathematics
Ped experience: 8 years